“What others will think” Syndrome

There comes a phase in everyone’s life where all our decisions are based on “what others will think”. Right from what clothes to wear to what’s the right age to get married.. we often think “will I be appreciated by for the way I conduct myself” or “will I be singled out by others for what I believe is right”

Let’s not brush this off as a coming off age thing.. this topic deserves a spot even in mid life crisis..well at least for some. 

Here goes some fun facts about “what others will think syndrome” (gathered from personal experience)
Well for starters you don’t know who exactly the “others” are..
You don’t know if they are thinking about you all the time.. (because they have better things to do! )
Even if they do you will never know what they think…
You will draw conclusions based on many unknowns that can make or break you. 

So basically “what others will think” syndrome is solving one of those Sherlock Holmes murder mysteries without a single clue in hand. Absolute injustice to a beautiful life!