What I really want in life?

Don’t we all know the obvious answer to this question? It could be as simple as having a well paying job, a successful career, financial independence, travel the world, or having someone in life who will always have your back. It could be as complex as hiking Mt Kilimamjaro or getting on a space ship to Mars that Elon Musk is building. At the time of writing this, my ultimate aim is to do guilt free shopping in London. The hard reality of life that no one wishes to accept is that, no matter what you do, how much ever you try there will always be someone who earns more than you, fitter than you, luckier than you and good things happening to him always.

Someone wisely explained the difference between humans and animals. A lion hunts for his prey, after he has satisfied his stomach, the lion and the next potential prey, a deer live in peace and harmony in the jungle. A lion does just enough to satify his need, his hunger. Had it been humans, satisfying his need is a sure thing, unfortunately the chase doesn’t end there. Needs turn to wants, and the wants can go on forever. The next potential prey is never left free.

For the same reason it is humanly impossible to figure out what one really wants in let me rephrase this question for you “What pain do you want to endure in life” or “What battles do you choose to fight in life”

When you say you want to have a successful career, are you willing to work 60 hours a week, deal with office politics, sacrifice your annual vacation, forgo your family time.
When you say you want a beach body, are you ready to sweat early mornings, spend countless hours at the gym, sacrifice your favourite chocolate brownie with icecream?
When you say you want to travel the whole world are you ready to quit your job, back pack, save every penny and still have no savings at 40?

Maybe you would want something new day after day, month after month, year after year and still not get any closer. Maybe you will finally own that ultimate house and that ultimate car and still find yourself wanting more. Or maybe you never want them to come to an end, maybe it’s a fantasy and unreal or maybe you just enjoy the feeling of wanting more.
The question you should ask yourself is what struggles, what pain, What sacrifices you are willing to make to get what you really want in life?

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