Travel Story-Norway


Has it ever happened to you that you start watching your weight, work out very hard, colour your hair and do loads of shopping before a trip? I did all that for Norway. It was like a date. Norway is so so beautiful that I wanted to look good myself! I haven’t seen even 5% of world but Norway for me will remain the most beautiful country in the world forever. 

Usually when we plan a Euro trip we all try to cram it up with 3 or more countries in 2 weeks. Please don’t do that if you are planning Norway or any other Nordic countries. Norway deserves a good 15 days in any given time of the year.

Somewhere along the train ride!
Norway- Land of Fjords
Ready to board!

These pictures are from the epic Bergen Flam Railway with breathtaking views of snow peaked mountains, punctuated beautiful lakes, narrow fjords and the iconic Kjosfossen waterfalls. 

Tickets for this trip can be booked from “Norway in a nutshell” tour

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