Too Much Parenting

I have been too much of a worrier. Lately, most of it is about cracking the right “ideal” parenting codes. (Although I try hard to look like a cool mom who has got it all under control ?) 

Always watching little V’s back wherever she goes whatever she does. Is she eating less? Why did she cough? Why is she hyper active today? Will she fall? What if she cries? Why is she not sharing her toys? Why is she hugging random people ?

Mine is a toddler but worry I think will be every mom’s constant companion, only the reasons would change.

As a parent I always want to feel confident that I’m doing the right thing, imparting the right values and bringing up the kid the right way. We all do, of course. This is like a master project we all need to complete and win that most coveted life time achievement award. 

Parenting has become such a thing now. Everyone wants to be a better parent. It’s like.. “I don’t think she is doing it the right way, anyway how does it matter, I think I’m on the right track” ?

There is too much focus on parenting now. Just check how many support groups you can find on Facebook and Instagram. 

While all this is good, let’s not forget that it’s not about the parent here, it’s always about the KID!

Do we really have to spoon feed and hand hold everything, be overly interfering , pampering, indulging, be over protective to make it to the “best parent list”? 

Do we really have to teach them sharing and caring? Do we really have to impart all the “ideal values” and be constantly obsessed about doing the right thing and bringing them up the right way? Can’t we just trust them to figure out things on their own?

Can’t we refrain from fulfilling their every silly need and let them deal with it.. 

I have no clue about what good parenting rules are.. but I’m sure constantly worrying about getting it right all the time will definitely not raise well rounded individuals. 

These kids are all very intelligent human babies and sometimes we tend to underestimate what they are capable of and provide them with everything on a platter.