This Diwali!


This Diwali

My well planned out festive holiday pans out typically like this – waking up late, shopping online, hogging and Netflix binging. Not to mention, wishing everyone in contacts on WhatsApp and catching up on what I’d missed on Facebook. Thanks to Karan Johar and Facebook, now I’m enlightened about the true spirit of Karva Chauth. It’s nice to see pretty women dolled up in their fineries. So, what’s the plan this Diwali? Indian festivals deserve more than languorous mornings spent in digital solitude.

This Diwali, I have resolved to wake up early and make the bed. To trade online shopping for a day with kids at a group home. To spare a few minutes to call up and wish a long-lost friend instead of forwarding a WhatsApp “Happy Diwali” gif. To be grateful for being extremely blessed.

Every Diwali, we clean the house and throw half of things out because we can’t remember why we purchased it in the first place. This Diwali, let’s declutter our minds, focus on what’s important and make commitments we wouldn’t regret.

Every Diwali we light up lamps and burst crackers, this Diwali, let’s light up our soul and burst all our insecurities. Happy Diwali