The Perfect Baby Weight

Dear baby still in the womb,


You must have figured out by now how obsessed your mom to be is with your weight and her weight. You must be wondering why she is so consumed in making an 8 pound baby out of you. Welcome to the crazy world, this is only the beginning. All through your babyhood and toddlerhood, you and your mom are going to be constantly judged for the “weight” you gain. No one really cares if you are well nursed, physically and mentally active, and met your walking/talking milestones. You are expected to look cute and chubby with lot of baby fat on your cheeks.


It doesn’t matter if your mom is a fitness freak who looks like a mannequin, eats only kale salads and incessantly sips kombucha tea, you will be overfed irrespective of whether you feel like eating or not. Remember your only job would be to look chubby and cute!


Fast forward 20 years, rules of eating will reverse. You we be expected to suddenly transform into a size zero mannequin just before your D-Day, Marriage! Your mom will now start obsessing about your weight loss! People who overfed you earlier will criticize you for over eating. You will be expected to have a beach body and heart shaped face with prominent cheekbones. Now you would be slogging hours on a tread mill, eating kale salad, sipping kombucha tea and trying hard to shed all that baby fat accumulated over the past 20 years. You will be living out of a weighing scale rest of your life. This is the paradox of life. We all have learnt to live with it and you will too soon enough….