The great Indian Euro Trip: Paris

As an Indian visiting any European country for the first time, one would want to strike off all the “must see” places from the bucket list and do justice to every penny shelled out. Circa spring of 2015, first leg of our “Great Indian Euro Trip” was Paris. This place is worth every hype, pomp and glory. Whether you visit the most clichéd touristy spots in your “package tour” itinerary or you decide to stay off the crowd and visit some offbeat neighborhoods, Paris will leave you wanting for more.

Part 1: Get your culture fix at the Louvre or one of the many museums, enjoy the beautiful fountains and Obelisk in Place de la Concorde, take a stroll through the sidewalks of Avenue des Champs Elysees and a romantic cruise on the River Siene. Paris city tour is never complete without visiting the iconic Eiffel tower and admiring the panoramic views of Paris. Be warned that you will be jostled by gazillion tourists and getting an Instagram worthy pic might be tiring. If the long queue and the crowd are a mood killer, choose to view the Eiffel tower from the less crammed Montparansse tower, you wouldn’t regret it.

Part 2: Disney Land, Paris 
This is a great place to visit. It has 2 parks, The Walt Disney Studios Park and the Disneyland Park. If you are an ardent Disney movie/television fan, step into the magical world of “Walt Disney studios” and reminisce your childhood fantasies. Parades and processions of make believe Disney characters will leave you enthralled. Unless you are well sorted out and choose to cover only the mainstream shows and attractions, overnight stay is a must. Touring one park in a day is quite tiring especially with kids. Better to stay overnight to relish the experience. Booking the passes online is highly recommended.

Part 3
Wine Tasting in Chablis, Burgundy

Chablis is home to classic French white wines. Wine tours include visiting vineyards, viewing wine making process in close quarters and savoring dozens of fine wines. Guided wine tours are very informative and enjoyable experience and helps you to get acquainted to the history and artistry of wine making

We spent 6 days in Paris, whiling away languid mornings in lush green parks, relishing French breakfasts in quaint cafes, strolling along cobblestone pathways. It was a joy gazing at the Eiffel tower in all its glory when twinkling lights strike every night hour.