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The Birthday Cake

So today is my Birthday guys.. I have always wanted a good looking yummy cake on my Birthday as a teenager and it continues till date.. I was not the famous one in school and college and most of my Birthdays used to slide by gently like a normal uneventful day. I used to envy those pretty popular kids who get to celebrate their Birthday like a mini gala event. 

I have always thought how some things come easily to a few people and how others have to struggle their way out through everything. I have gone hard on myself too many times and complained why life is so unfair.

Looking back, I have seen how some of those famous kids who I thought had it all have made their life miserable and how some of the so called below average kids have steered their way to success. 

One thing I have learned in life is to not look at immediate results of your Karma. If you keep doing what you have to do life will be fair to you. 

Also everyone has a different timeline to reach where one wants to be. So comparing timelines and feeling bad about yourself will do no good. Sooner or later you will get the Birthday cake you always wanted