The 10 year challenge

I think I didn’t even exist in 2009. I had completed graduation and got a job. In my head, I had arrived. I was set for life. I had so much clarity about what I wanted to do because I never thought beyond the next day. I had no 5 year plans. I was very comfortable in that headspace. Only, skin was thinner and always looked up to others opinions and approval.

There were no ambitions, no big plans for the future, totally risk averse yet with the feeling of totally under control. Like the frog in the well may be?

10 years and 2 grey hairs older, 

I have picked up on reading (helped me realise what a frog in the well I was) 

I claim to be blogger and have the audacity to post whatever I write. That is stepping out of my comfort zone. (Never realised there is a world outside comfort zone and that it could be so rewarding)

I know what I like and what I don’t. I can say no without regrets. I recognise emotions and take damage control measures. I can be cranky and I think that’s okay. I have 5 day plans and 5 year plans. I have become an ace planner. But I also realise that things don’t always go as per plan. 

My vulnerabilities are open, my flabs and flaws are visible and my skin has grown thicker. A lot has changed in a decade..