Super mom vs Regular mom

To put things on perspective.. the most acceptable definition of a super mom is…

One who wakes up at the same time everyday, does her HIIT workout religiously, cooks homely meals with organic ingredients and chia seeds, pursues her passion and turns it to a source of income, takes all toddler tantrums and antics with a sweet smile and Zen attitude, and posts pics of her post-pregnancy toned body in flashy outfits at luxury hotel lounges and exotic locations on Instagram every now and then.

The rest of us fall under the regular category. Nothing pretty interesting..waking up itself is a big deal. Living mostly on cornflakes and bread toast, slogging ours of work at home or office, manages to attend a Zumba class once in a week and dealing with all the temper tantrums alone, the only hope is that the next play date will happen soon… Weekends are mostly reserved for grocery shopping in pyjamas so expect Insta post only twice in a year, little one’s birthday and anniversary dinner!

With life under continuous scrutiny of social media, all the regular moms are under tremendous performance pressure.. pressure to lose weight, pressure to figure out “ideal parenting norms”, pressure to live like a super mom..

To all those regular moms, also little girls and grown up woman who feel like living inside a “pressure cooker”.. please use this platform to be inspired and motivated.. not to compare and be self-critical.

Take everything that you see with a grain of salt. Your struggles are only yours and no one else needs to know about it. Everything that come out of filters looks perfect and desirable, yet far from reality.

All you moms out there, The only person who gets to title you as super mom is your child. And she will let you know when it’s time!

-just another mom