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Sometimes Good Isn’t Good Enough!

Soon after my tenth board results were out, I didn’t think much before joining the best entrance coaching center. It was clear that I was born to be a doctor or an engineer. I’m not a nerd and didn’t care to work hard, so I had to settle for the umpteenth engineering college in town. Somehow I managed to get ‘placed’ in an IT company, which fetched me brownie points. Finally belonged to the elite class of software engineers working in Bangalore. Don’t know if the work sucked or I sucked at what I did, I quit anyways.

What now? I have read a lot about people stressing on do what you like and follow your passions and stuff like that. I wish it was so simple. I couldn’t figure out what my passion was in the first place, even if I did I wouldn’t have followed it. You know what I’m talking about. Sad reality.

I don’t remember investing a lot of time weighing out options. I was clear that I would soon join the band wagon of MBA graduates. Back to square one, I joined an IT firm, one with a different name for a change. So why did I quit in the first place?

It is not about what is right or wrong for you. It is for you to figure out. As a keen observer over the years, I have seen how people get what they want from what they have.

World is changing at a faster pace than ever before. We are all evolving with this change. It’s like Game of Thrones. What matters is how well you survive every episode. There is no place for mediocrity. Simple thumb rule. Be an EXPERT in WHATEVER you do. It’s not just about the best in you anymore, it’s about becoming THE BEST.  Being an expert makes you armoured. Your passion might start following you then.

“Sometimes good isn’t good enough” – #Suits

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