Of Cities & Islands!


Once upon a time in Kerala, before Facebook and Instagram happened, I recollect people prancing around the house all the time. There was so much chaos, nagging close ones, nosy neighbours, friends who always barged in without knocking and house windows that never closed. I craved for some privacy.

I always urged for freedom, economic independence, time to spend with myself. I wanted to come out of my shell, reinvent myself, experience life in solitude. Bangalore was the most sought after city those days. I loved every bit of it. The bustling streets, gleaming city lights, the social circle and privacy that no-one invaded, everything seemed so picture perfect.

Fast forward to 2018, today I spend 9 hours a day in a cubicle. Another 2 hours commuting in a vehicle. A good 15 hours a week dedicated to social media, app shopping and fiddling with the phone. I still live in a city with bustling streets, gleaming city lights, even better social life in protected communities but the privacy is daunting! There is no chaos, no nagging ones, no nosy neighbours, for there are only windows that never open. Life has come a full circle.

Is this the life’s paradox? The more connected we are, the more isolated we feel. We only realize the value of something when we are deprived of it. Are we retreating to shells, our own cocoons, rather self-built islands in the mega cities of the world.

We see people who spend most of the day all by themselves and still complain about getting no “me time”. People who feel the pressure to prove themselves worthy through materialism. People slogging away their career to survive the rat race. They are everywhere – amongst us and in the mirror.

It’s time we start focusing on quality rather than quantity. Investing in meaningful relationships, taking intentional breaks and genuinely start caring for each other.

Do you think as the world is becoming smaller, we are drifting farther? What can we do to make a difference? Would love to read your comments.