My Husband’s Mistress!

I was jealous and possessive, felt angry and frustrated, kept over thinking and over analyzing. I wasted my time considering whether I am good enough. My husband goes to his mistress in his free time. Every time. He had already fallen for his mistress before I met him. Their relationship is very strong. Whatever I say or do backfires and their relationship grows stronger.
He puts me to sleep and cuddles with his mistress. I realized something worth a lifetime from their relationship. I made peace with my husband’s mistress, Books! The second thing he can’t live without. First is of course me.
We all need a mistress in our lives, that other thing you really love. We are all silly humans just riding a wave. There can be highs and lows, it could get rough at times. There could be heartbreaks, fallouts, meltdowns, failures. People might not behave the way you want them to, you might lose that most sought after promotion, you might not make it to the top 10, and you might lose your love for no fault of yours. When life goes south, you can fall back on your mistress. To stop over thinking and over analyzing. To stop judging yourself. To stop finding fault with yourself. To feel good about yourself. To love yourself.
When doors shut, try not to bang them and barge in. Just look around and there will be many other doors opening for you. Don’t surround yourself with negativity. Instead find your mistress. It could be anything. Your love for books, traveling, arts, music, recipes, football, exercise, theatre. Anything. Spend as much time with your mistress as with your loved ones. Nurture your mistress as you would nurture your dear ones. Your mistress is your magic wand to surround yourself with positivity.
My New Year resolution is to find my mistress. The other thing I love. It could be more than one. The point is, not to fixate and channelize all my thinking in a single direction but to invest my time and energy in multiple things that interests me. Isn’t that a great way to kick off the year?
Wishing everyone a Kickass New Year!