Trust me I’m not a book person!

I’m back in Bengaluru and having vela time.. So I decided to try something new that I’ve never tried before. For starters reading books.. Now that’s a completely new area for me. Simply because I’m not a book person and I don’t have the patience to read a thick book.. It’s so scary..
So I decided to start with a young adult novel series “Hunger Games”. When I say that you might think I’m in my early teens but surprise, I just celebrated by 27th birthday! I’m a slow reader so it took me a good 2 weeks to complete the first book of this series. To my surprise it gave me a sense of accomplishment on its completion and triggered a curiosity to read the second and the third. Not bad eh? So my favourite pass time now is to read book reviews on Flipkart and of course reading books!  I’ve also signed into Goodreads so I get to know what my friends are reading..

For budding readers, I’m on the same page and here’s what worked for me.. Pick up anything that you feel like reading.. Sometimes just the book cover intrigues me to read the book. If you finally pick up something and don’t find it interesting just drop it. There is no pressure to finish what you start.. Finally thickness of the book doesn’t matter. It will take time to settle for a favourite author or your favourite genre.. Until then trial and error is the best resort.

Reading is one hobby you can continue forever. No age bar. So start today, start now!
Happy reading!