My 5 frugal innovations to kill boredom!

Bangalore, why don’t you have a beach where I can lay back and watch the sunset, munching on some roasted peanuts. My Cochin is a bliss in that regard. All you got is places to shop, eat, drink and dance. All of this would cost me a bomb. And do I get to spend a good time with my friends after all? Some of these places play such loud music that you literally have to use a loudspeaker to communicate. I might as well sit at home and watch Priyanka Chopra’s Quantico.

So for those of you who would like to turn your boredom to some quality ‘me time’ without burning a hole in your pocket, here is what worked for me.

1. Reading- I’ve been binge reading for quite sometime now. It is so relaxing that I would call it a mind spa. I read anything that comes handy. Fiction, non fiction, business literature, blogs, articles. I follow, Flipboard and to name a few.

2. Listening to music- Some people play music in the background while doing household chores. I have a seperate slot for this one. When you are listening to music, you are listening to music. There is nothing else you can think about.

3. Workout- A few hours at the gym is that time of the day I feel proud of myself. It’s a way of challenging yourself to sretch beyond your limit daily. And of course, it is working wonders on my body.

4. Learning a new thing- Sooner or later man is going to be replaced by robots where feasible. So it is good to invest some time figuring out what you can do, that a machine cannot. Honing your skills or learning a new skill is the best way to add value. There is only one thing that keeps me going, whether I’m doing better today, than last year, last month, last week, and yesterday.

5. Sleeping- You know what I do when I feel let down, angry, frustrated or dissappointed. Well, I could go shopping and splurge some money. That would definetly make me feel better. Or I could call up a close friend and eat his head. Or simply go for a sound sleep. That’s like the best thing to do. It works wonders. You will feel much better when you wake up. You got to trust me on this.

I’m thoroughly enjoying all of it, every moment. Hope it works out for you as well 🙂