Men Women.. Potatoe Potahto!

I’ve been thinking lately about woman empowerment and the buzz that its creating all around. The social media activities including celebrity video campaigns that you can tag along is humongous. Women’s day has passed but the issue is still relevant.
Being a woman is a privilege. In spite of being the first girl child in a ‘no son’ family I grew up as a pampered kid.
I’ve got what I wanted in life, yes sometimes I’d have to let things go. I have lived my dreams, achieved my goals, failed my exams, lost my love… Its been a bumpy ride with highs and lows. It happens in every women’s life, in fact these things keep happening in every other persons life. That’s life. Be it men or women.
Hailing from Kerala, I have been fortunate to pursue the highest level of education I wanted. In fact we all are alike. We are obsessed with studies. We very well understand the fact that education is the key to prosperity. On a lighter note, that’s the first criteria of elimination when it comes to matrimony. Perks of being a Malayali! Be it men or women.
A woman is a daughter, a friend, a wife, a mother, a home maker, a professional. But the point is so are men. I’ve watched my dad justifying his roles as a husband, a father, a son, a son in law with pride without complaining. Living the life you want is completely up to you. If you feel you cannot justify the roles of the society you are free to chose not to. Fortunately we live in a country that if not embraces it, doesn’t object it. Of course selling that idea to your folks is your headache. Be it men or women.
I worked in a place where meritocracy is paramount. Nothing else prevails. I don’t think its a bad generalization in a country like ours. You got talent? Then nothing else matters. Be men or women.

I’m not a feminist but I believe in feminism. I don’t believe women have more weaknesses and men are stronger. We are all individuals first, hence the differentiating factor should not be gender but the way one celebrates life. The louder we talk about gender, the clearer the differences are heard. You don’t ask for respect, you earn it. Same goes for women empowerment. You earn it.
Let’s try to be better individuals first and everything else will fall in place 🙂


  • Arun Narayanan

    Well said Aina. Looks like the new movements are because our possibly "narrow-minded" society does not tolerate some things… women working, women talking to strangers, going to clubs, smoking, drinking, even to attend a school! So some women feel prssurised (and rightly so) when the "righteous society" does not allow them to do what they feel like doing. Hence the so-called liberation movements. Kerala is probably not a good example, where education is considered important and more women possibly work than men. Some of the the recent ad campaigns, though, do not convey the real issues in a positive way… one that makes the society introspect it's behaviour.

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