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MBA & Me

Like all other CAT aspiring candidates I also wanted to join a premier B-school. Getting a plum job, higher salary, boredom in current job, change in job profile were amongst my obvious reasons. I was able to justify all my reasons by the time I completed the course. Also I graduated in flying colours but the key takeaway would last for a life time. A new and improvised version of me.
I was a teachers’ favourite in high school and a pro in extra curriculars. So I presumed MBA would not be a big deal.
I used to participate in a lot of literature competitions in my school days. I thought my english was impeccable, accent suave, vocabulary phenomenal. Oh what a frog in the pond I was! That was the first jolt I encountered within 3 months of joining. My confidence dipped. I felt incompetent. I panicked. That feeling when everybody else in the room seems smarter than you. From a celebrated student in school to the status of a below average student struggling to get noticed. I found it very difficult to follow the curriculum. Finance and economics were nightmares. 

I have an attitude problem. I should be the best in whatever I do. People should speak highly of me. I long for public attention. If it doesnt happen I would start hating myself. Being the best was anyways not happening so I contemplated giving up or running away.

But I decided to stay and play the game anyways. For starters, worked on my attitude, not giving a damn about how others judge me and least bothered about my social status among my peers. I needed decent grades to survive. So I invested my time in subjects I was comfortable with. That ensured me straight As in a couple of them. The nightmare ones like finance and economics, I left to God. 

I survived first semester exams. I din’t have to bother about grades now, which was a breather. But.. “The winter was coming!”. I had to make myself “recruitable”. I realized very soon that my general awareness, vocabulary, critical reasoning, logical thinking, in a scale from 1 to 10 was zero. Hard reality. I kicked off with reading Economic Times religiously. It would take me a good 2 hours to cover atleast the main columns. I exhausted free lecture hours reading business magazines. I borrowed my first ever English novel from the library. I read anything that came handy. Days passed. Gradually, I started talking about topics other than bollywood and fashion. I shared my opinions and indulged in debates with like minded. I spoke with the help of hard facts. I started developing a different perspective to life. My confidence level boosted. I discovered my new interests and hobbies.

2 years of MBA life has given me a new me. It has killed my complacent attitude. It has taught me that I can never quit learning. It helped me figure out the difference between getting things done in a perfect way and getting things done in a smarter way. Everyday I try to get better than the previous day.

So here is why you should do your MBA. To get to know yourself better. To challenge yourself. To reinvent yourself!