Life’s 5 year rule..

Life’s 5 year Rule..

It’s not uncommon for us to fret over little things in life..

Putting on some extra pounds, losing that most expected promotion, not getting a hike, people not behaving as expected… 

Everything matters now and it all seems so unfair..

But on the grand scheme of things say about 5 years from now or even lesser, none of this would matter.. 

Just think about it, what bothered you so much 3 years back, things you compromised your sleep for.. does it matter anymore? Do you even remember what they were? 

For what it’s worth, here is an easy tip to make life far less complicated.. 

Whenever you encounter a problem or you find yourself breaking your head over something, just think if it will still matter to you 3-5 years from now.. if it’s not then it’s not worth your time and attention. You need to stop fretting and move on.. 

To put things on perspective.. choosing a life partner is a big decision that will matter 5-60 years from now.. worth all your time and attention.. But constantly thinking you are not good enough because you didn’t get that job or hike is totally not worth it..