Life lessons from my one year old

My journey through motherhood has been quite happening so far, striving to become a better mother every passing day in an earnest attempt to impart all the wisdom I have accumulated over the years to my daughter. But I will be ever grateful and indebted to her for passing on some life lessons with such ease. Here goes,

  1. Living in the moment: Holding no grudges from the past, no anxieties about the future just being in the moment and enjoying it to the fullest.
  1. Be easily distractible: Being able to deflect your attention from heavy weight social/political problems, a bad day at office, someone else’s unexpected behavior and a plethora of other appalling issues
  1. Appreciate the little things in life: Like fresh air, new toy, warm hug. Don’t wait to arrive at that huge milestone, achieve the big goal, receive the most awaited testimonial to celebrate and appreciate yourself. Don’t look for reasons to smile, laugh and have fun.
  1. Stop worrying: About the consequences. About what others will think. About judgements. About results. Just do it.
  1. Every day is a new day: Start afresh. World is full of possibilities. Never hold on to misshape of yesterday and shy away from the prospects of tomorrow
  1. Don’t take yourself seriously: So what if your slides didn’t make it to the board. So what if your opinions didn’t matter? So what if you have no clue about “Geo political recession”? It’s okay to not have strong POVs about everything under the sky. It’s okay to laugh it out at your silliness.
  1. Never Give up: Keep trying. One step at a time. You can’t run a marathon before learning to walk. It requires patience, perseverance, consistency and above all an aversion to fear of failure.