Travel Stories: Dubai 

Since I recently moved to Dubai, today’s travel Thursday is dedicated to this city of dreams. I first visited Dubai in 2015 as a tourist. Since then the city has never ceased to mesmerise me with its grandeur and flamboyance. 

The city where a thriving pop culture, vibrant night life and modest living co exist. 

With lofty skyscrapers, swanky malls, flashy designer boutiques, and some of the best alfresco dining options by the sea this is the time of the year when Dubai is bustling with tourists and crazy deals at shopping malls

To see and experience what wonders they have made out of barren desert land is a visual treat and the prime reason why one should visit Dubai! 

There is so much to explore, experience and appreciate in Dubai and with an itchy feet I ain’t gonna leave any ☺️.  

Atlantis Dubai

Dessert Safari
Dubai Dolphinarium

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