What’s in my Diaper Bag!

Disclaimer: This is serious parenting stuff and would be absolutely irrelevant for non-parents.

You see even if I wanted to make a “what’s in my bag” video that is trending on YouTube these days, diapers and wipes would pop out instead of lipsticks and mascara. Mommies, a diaper bag is a life saver, and here is my 2 cents to make your life a tad bit easier.

  1. 3 diapers. One change would be enough, but if you are going to be out all day, better be safe than sorry. I use Pampers Active Baby. Would recommend to buy +5kgs than actual size of the baby as this trick would help prevent diaper rashes big time.
  1. Wipes: I use Johnson’s baby wipes. Have tried many brands, this one has been a staple.
  1. Changing mat and Garbage bag (Must Have). This alone will serve as a makeshift bathroom. Absolutely essential.
  1. Sanitizer and One roll of Toilet tissues. Serves all purpose. Just stock it up.
  1. Food bowl and spoon set. Though plastic is a big no, this works great on the go.
  1. 4-layer Formula Container: This is a magic invention. So convenient. It easily carries Formula for 2-3 servings. I bought this from Amazon, a brand called “Rikang”.
  1. Gerber: Most of the baby foods I use are from Gerber. They are available in different flavors. You just have to mix it with adequate amount of water and Formula if required. Serves well as a main meal. I purchase it online from
  1. Finger Foods. Gerber arrowroot or Marie Gold Arrowroot biscuits. This works wonders especially when they are teething
  1. One change of dress: What if she throws up?
  1. Mini Flask with warm water. To mix food and prepare Formula
  1. Feeding bottle: I use Philips Avent.
  1. One mini toy: Works well to distract/keep her engaged.

My diaper bag is 100% practical and nonsense free. It has kept me sane for the past 1 year.

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