Dear Me(from the past),

The little one who is sitting beside you. Din’t you just mark your territory and warn her to keep away from your things? She keeps nagging you for every little thing. You might want to consider her as some alien now.. But my dear, soon you will realize she is an extension of yours..Your sister. Someone who you cannot do away with till end of your life..

Your mother, she is annoying at times, isn’t she? She is protective and that embarrasses you in front of your pals. You have to work on a plausible excuse to convince her and sneak out of your home if you don’t want to miss that most awaited new year eve party..
It’s so irritating when all your friends decide to eat out and she wakes up early in the morning to pack your meals. When you struggle to cut your waistline inches, she cooks boring recipes at home and makes sure you don’t skip even a single meal. “C’mon mom.. give me a break, can’t you just leave me alone!!” She will never understand your generation.. You always feel that she is super possessive and way too interfering. You are a grown up now. You sure don’t need that.
But my dear, you will soon be done with those lousy new year parties. When you are a thousand miles away from home you would long for one of those packed meals. And suddenly you will start feeling her boring recipes were the most sacred ones, available nowhere in the world because she mixed her love and care for you in whatever she made.  Soon you will terribly miss the way she “interfered” in your affairs. And you will start feeling “why the hell did I even grow up?”

And of course your dad, with whom you declare frequent hunger strikes, because that is the easiest and quickest way to get things done. You know he cant hold out for a long time and will definitely budge. You don’t care if you have a 6 months old phone, your friend just got the latest one, so you deserve one too.. You don’t care if your dad is in a financial crunch. Getting what you want is your birth right. Those cliched daily advice. You defy whatever he says. You are in your teens. So you are expected to be rebellious and arrogant. If you don’t, you will be left out in your peer group. Well, that can hamper your super cool dude image.
But my dear, once you start earning for yourself you will soon realize despite your plum job and salary you struggle to make ends meet. Your greed gets the best of you. Of course you can blame it on the lifestyle change and inflation and God knows what else to convince yourself, but then you will keep wondering how on earth did he manage to get you the countless things you wanted with such a modest living. How could he be so patient and endure whatever said and done.

My dear You will soon realize that you have is a wonderful family blessed with beautiful parents and a cheerful sister. No matter what you tell them, however you hurt them, how much ever you distance yourself from them they will keep loving you unconditionally. It’s bliss. This time will never come by. So make the best of it!! 🙂


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