Dear bride to be!

While you may have lots to deal with from weight loss to glowing skin, I’m guessing you might have butterflies in your stomach. New family, new people and all that. I completely empathize with you. I have been there done all that.


From “slather every tomato and papaya in kitchen on face” to “learn to cook a 3-course meal” you will never fall short of random advice from people you can’t even remember. Unfortunately I don’t have a “how to become a perfect bahu” playbook. But here is my 2 cents of “what to expect” and plausible “how to tackle”


  1. No matter how diligently you plan the wedding, comments like “too much salt” or “too much makeup” are inevitable. Kindly ignore.


  1. Eating a meal without husband is a public offence. Well, stock up some energy bars in your vanity bag, in case of SOS.


  1. Next few months of your life will be dedicated to minimum 2 hours of daily phoning sessions involving ice breaking with in laws, out laws and random people “getting to know the new member”. Well, what can I say, this is a phase and this too shall pass. Also would insist on keeping a family tree handy. Brownie points for memorizing names, where do they live and what do they do for a living.


  1. Suddenly everyone will have a say in your dressing style, cooking style, career choices, work life balance et al. Be nice to all. Resist the urge to prove how opinionated and independent you are. Just nod and move on and of course do what you like.


  1. Every family will have that one annoying aunty. If you provoke her she will make your life hell. Make her your alibi. Show her your vulnerable side and she will fiercely protect you for the rest of her life.


While this is not an exhaustible list, I really hope this saves you from a panic attack. All the best and congratulations!


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