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Caught up thinking!

It’s a thought I’ve been pondering over for quite sometime now. Do we tend to overthink everything? Sometimes it’s wise to think twice about a descision to be made. But re re re rethink, now that’s not cool. However trivial the issue is (sometimes there is no issue at all), we have all the time in the world to over analyze it from all possible angles, dimensions, multiple views and projections!

Take for instance, the feeling low mode- Why am I feeling low? What are the possible reasons, impossible reasons?- well if there is no reason quickly make one and fret over it.

The feeling awesome mode- It can’t possibly last for long? What are the anticipated, unanticipated troughs that might follow?

The Nil mode- absolutely no problems at all. So it’s time to spend countless hours on negative thoughts, feelings and experiences.

Our overly self obssessed culture has indulged many of us, self introspecting and contemplating to unhealthy extremes. I too am a victim of the “caught up thinking” mode.

Can I blame the superfluous use of technology? I’m addicted to the WhatsApp drink and consume the Facebook pill religiously. My smartphone is my holy grail. It’s my stress buster, my pacifier, my magic wand I use to vanish into the Matrix.

I’m constantly trying to “App”ify life rather than simplify it. I talk and listen to myself when I’m in a room alone, do it more often when room is crowded with dear ones. The phenomenon is infectious. I see similar traits in people around me. Overdose of “Selfieism” makes me cozy up unto myself.

 The antidote is to take your eyes off, look up and face the world. Maybe it’s time to log off, take creative pauses, appreciate nature.