Being a Mother

When I get questions like how is motherhood and stuff.. I often pause and think of a diplomatic answer. I say โ€œyeah itโ€™s okay, lot of learning, one has to be very patient blah blahโ€

But here is the truth. I have never been happier in my life. I have found the whole mothering/ parenting/ adulting experience to be fascinating and would never regret a day in the journey..

A thing or two I picked up along the journey so far..
Get all the support in the world you can. A nanny, a day care, mother/ mother in law whatever floats your boat. Ask, request, beg, repeat.
Built a self sufficient ecosystem. This means that the house and the baby will run perfectly fine in your absence. How to make this happen? Well for starters let the dad bath and dress up the baby daily โ˜บ๏ธ
Stop micromanaging and start to let go.. Let go off the urge to stick to feeding routines and schedules. Let go off the urge to prepare organic baby food with your own hand daily. If you think you need to get involved in every decision regarding the baby, you will go bananas in no time. Learn to trust people around you and let go even if they mess up little things. It will prep her for the real world!
Quality over Quantity. Always. Spending time with the baby has to be active interactive playing time uninterrupted by mobile or television screens
Please get your pedicures done. Donโ€™t compromise on your โ€œme timeโ€. You deserve to indulge, get pampered, rest and relax. How do you get it? By building an ecosystem with lots of support, learning to let go and spending quality time with the little one

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