Are we raising perfect kids?

So the other day I was out for a stroll with the baby of the house. Kids were playing football in front of the toddler playing area near the plaza. I was a little uncomfortable and found it dangerous as kids were playing as if it were World cup finals. I told one of them, who I assumed as their leader to stop playing here because the ball may hit the smaller, ignorant ones. Suddenly the mother intervened, told me these kids were playing it safe and almost made me feel guilty of telling her boy “not to do” something.

You see, the usual procedure is to write a long post about this incident and post it on the “Moms only closed group” and wait for others to sympathize and share similar experiences. Well, because, kids today are entitled, they should get everything they want and they can’t take NO for an answer! So all we can do is write a long post and do nothing about it.

But after all kids and kids right? They should not have a problem taking NO. But as parents, we take it very personally if someone other than us tells our kids not to do this or that. Why not feel offended? Because we are all raising perfect kids, we make sure there are no flaws in parenting and nothing can go wrong. Agree?

Now let’s be realistic, even I wouldn’t like it if someone says “NO” to my daughter, because she is perfect the way she is. But I realize, she needs to learn to accept “NO” from others gracefully. She needs to know that it’s okay to fail and failure is not the end of the world. She needs to know that she can’t have everything she eyes on. She needs to know that life is not perfect and that is the way it is supposed to be.

So from now, if you see her yelling in public, wasting her food, running around the pool, hurting other children, please tell her not to do it. They say it takes a village and I feel we are all equally responsible for raising well-rounded individuals and making them ready for the real world.