About Relationships,

I have always found it exhausting to manage troublesome people and maintain difficult relationships. Some are so complex that it becomes very stressful to handle. But over the years I have observed how some people manage to stay positive and vibrant in certain relationships whereas others are constantly pushed down despite all their efforts.

So, today I’d like to focus on relationships, not with others but with oneself. Women stop taking care of themselves soon after they have a baby. There is never enough time for hairdo or mascara. Men stop exercising and resort to unhealthy eating habits. Plausible excuses could be stress and unimaginable work pressure. People take pride in making compromises and sacrifices for the sake for their family’s future. They dedicate a lifetime to take care of their family. But this same bunch end up feeling let down, being constantly judged and extremely unhappy about themselves. They feel helpless about how discouraging their partners are and how thankless their kids are.

It is naïve to have expectations and expect 100% fulfillment. You need to encourage yourself, thank yourself and take care of yourself. You can’t expect someone else to do it for you, when you don’t in the first place. Want to go solo backpacking? Do it now, don’t wait until your child finishes college. Want to live longer and healthier life, start cycling now. Loving yourself, finding time for what you want to do and looking after yourself are basic essentials of life. You will stay positive and happy and this spills over to people around you. They will respect you for what you are and never pull you down. Once you get the basics right, you will no longer find relationships complex and people troublesome.

“To say ‘I Love You’, one must first know to say the ‘I’- Ayn Rand