A haunting memory

I left Kerala 10 years back for my first job. 

The young adolescent phase before that when we had to travel in crammed public transport for extra classes and college remains a haunting memory.

Strangers trying to touch you inappropriately with such audacity as if it was there birth right. They were sure enough that no one would notice in a heavily packed bus where there is not an inch space even to breathe.

This was a routine affair and every single day, I hated myself for waking up, getting ready and running to catch a bus on time to experience this filth. 

Random men who had no other job in life would just stand there at malls, parks, public places and gawk incessantly at your body parts. Your day would be ruined with disgusting comments if you are wearing a pair of denims or worse showing some skin.

When I share this here I speak for every Malayali woman who has travelled in public transport. This is not a one off case and I’m sure your wife, sister, daughter must have had a similar encounter. 

Ironically, we never spoke about it. We would just vent out all the frustration in a hostel room or a class room session. Even till date thinking about those days sends a chill down my spine. 

Every part of me is proud to be a Malayali and that is the sole reason I named my personal blog thanimallu (typical Malayali).

But this is not something I’m proud of and I hope things have changed in the past 10 years and these rogue elements in our country have been rooted out.