The alternate reality of a Mom!

The Diva Mom

 Dream: I am dressed in a ASOS striped jump suit adorned by a statement necklace, wearing Michael Kors bag and Tissot watch paired with Stan Smith sneakers. I have generously applied the Jo Malone Velvet rose scent that I recently splurged on.

Reality: Me dressed in a tomato stained jump suit, adorned by mashed potato polka dots, with banana popping out of my designer bag (as she can go hungry whenever she wants) and matching sneakers she has just found out to be tastier than the organic food I sourced for her. Oh yeah and smelling like vegetable trash most of the times. Forget diva, I look homeless.

 The Show Stoppers – Mom-Baby Perfect click

 Dream: My ever so dramatic red-carpet entry into a social gathering carrying the baby on one arm, all eyes on us. The cheer leaders I had colluded with earlier, are hailing and toasting on the perfect mom-baby duo, we waltz in all color- coordinated in black and red. Heads turn to the drop dead gorgeous mom and her baby model prodigy. All claps, all smiles.

Reality: Baby is howling, literally. At the sight of so many strangers fixating on her, having no clue who they are, she is becoming inconsolable with every step of our ramp walk. Halfway through the ramp, something weird trickles down my black skater dress, it has to be baby puke. We have literally become the “show-stoppers” in every sense! I cringe, she screams and there you have the perfect mom-baby duo click.

 A relaxed vacation in Bahamas

Dream: Perching on the sea side, a heavy book in hand, my aviators on, I’m wearing the floral beach kimono I purchased with the sole intention to go Facebook live. I’m trying hard to capture my perfectly pedicured feet overlooking the sun kissed ocean in a single frame, for all my efforts this has to go on Insta stories with hashtags, #perspective, #couplegoals and #myhappyplace

Reality: Little Moana is pulling my already frizzy hair, flinging my aviators in the air, thinks that world is her oyster and white beach sand is her meal for the day. She threatens to get herself a “pina colada” bath, so I guzzle the drink in the blink of an eye. Oh and no Insta stories for now as she decides to build her sand castle with my phone as the cornerstone.

Do you have a dream vs reality anecdote to share?


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