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Travelling with Infant/Toddler

Disclaimer: If you imagining a relaxed vacation with wine in rose tinted glasses and “Inferno” in hand, please let go that beautiful image.

1.Book a bed time flight, preferably. Feed while take-off and landing. Carry a neck pillow, you can use it as a feeding pillow. If feeding doesn’t soothe her from ear popping, try giving some sugar.


2.Kids usually adjust easily to the jet lags. You on the other hand may not. So, go easy on the first 2 days.


3.Plan a relaxed itinerary, even better do not plan an itinerary.


4.Do not leave the house without your Diaper Bag. (Read “What’s in my diaper bag here)


5.If you are visiting a cold country, no point getting warm clothes from India. Hardly works. Better to shop there.


6.Travel light. Your one arm should be free at any given point of time  Using packing cubes saves lot of time and effort in unpacking and repacking, in case you plan to visit more than 2 cities. Also pack extra for the baby. Snacks/ diapers/ rompers everything. You could carry her stroller or baby carrier sling, in case you are planning long hikes.


7.Stock up on all medicines, for yourself and the baby.


8. Kids around 6-12 months adapt to changing environment pretty fast. As very protective parents, I feel we often don’t give them enough credit to what they are capable of. Lil V took 700 miles road trip, trek to snowy mountains and ferry rides pretty well. So don’t shy away from planning any activity you really want to.


Vacations can become extremely tiresome and stressful with the little one around. But then again, what’s a vacation without the baby onboard right?

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