The Birth of a Mother

The biggest day in my life was when I found out you were growing inside me.. still the size of a pea pod…

I was elated and ecstatic.. I felt like I had conquered the world.. there was nothing more I could ask for and that day I knew for the first time what “content” is.

Until one day when I started bleeding heavily.. Bleeding continued for weeks, almost 2 months.. the doc said sometimes unfortunate things happen and it’s very common these days.. 

I was shattered and felt devastated.. 2 weeks of complete bed rest was recommended and I followed it to T

But I didn’t cry or complaint. Instead I felt very strong. I felt very powerful.. when everyone else gave up, a strong urge to fiercely fight and protect you to the end of the world was born in me. A blind belief that nothing bad will happen to you emerged in me. That day, I think was when your mother was born..

In my next visit, the doc said it was a “miracle” looking at you.. For me a miracle is how an individual transforms overnight from weak, self-indulgent and gentle to strong, selfless and fiercely protective. I’d like to think, that marks the birth of a mother..

A mother is born with the superpowers to make the impossible possible… with the ability to believe blindly and love unconditionally..with an unflinching determination to protect her child and with a strong mind refusing to give up forever…



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