Perpetual Guilt of a working mom.


I constantly feel that whatever I do for my kid is never “good enough”. Today it peaked as she was ill and I had to leave her with the nanny rushing to work. The more I think about it, it occurs to me that this self-inflicted guilt is only eating me up every passing day. But isn’t parenting supposed to be a life enriching experience rather than enslaving one’s conscience.

Standards of parenting are too high today. Societal expectations are beyond comprehension. “Parenting police” is everywhere and they never fail to advice you on what is right and wrong for your baby.

My mom who also worked, always put me in a daycare, missed a couple of games, and never read bedtime stories every night. But I know deep in my heart that she always did what’s best for me, and will always have my back no matter what. My dad was only sparingly available while growing up, due to his demanding job. Still he is the first person I look up to when I’m in trouble.

In short, to all mommies and daddies who juggle work and life and feel perpetually guilty both ways, let’s lower our standards of “good parenting”, stop measuring up to “ideal parenting norms” and gracefully ignore all guilt mongers. Let’s keep doing what is best for our kids and our family, be fully present without distractions when we can and raise them as responsible, loving and well-rounded individuals.

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