My Happiness Pill :)

The world we live in is crazy. With all the stress, pressure, anger, frustration, agony and angst one wonders is it so difficult to be happy. Happiness is like a mirage. The more you chase, the harder it is to reach. With life’s highs and lows, norths and souths, is it really possible to be perpetually happy? As cliched as it may sound here is my “to-do” list to be happy if not at all times, atleast most of the times. 

  1. Invest in People: Building and investing in relationships outside my inner circle was inconsequential to me for the longest time. Today I acknowledge the importance of nurturing good relationships. It has seemingly become difficult to love and to be loved without purpose. Obsessed with self love and fixated on a mobile screen looking for approval from a constantly judging world, its time we consciously start looking up and initiate more face to face conversations. Listen, engage, give more, smile, appreciate and accept. 
  1. Spend on Experiences: Given the crazy busy world that we live in, it is hard to find time with our loved ones. An impromptu dinner plan, a quick weekend getaway, a planned long vacation are things that keep us sane. Splurge your valuable time, energy and money over creating some amazing memories with your loved ones. Let’s post them without any filters in our minds forever. 
  1. Embrace a healthy Lifestyle: Cannot begin to stress on the importance of eating healthy and exercising regularly. This is not a temporary affair to lose weight and look good. It is a conscious lifestyle choice to be made to relish all the joys of the world with a sound body and mind. 
  1. Prioritize: First know your priorities. Family, job, travel, health, whatever floats your boat. Once you know them its easier to make your decisions around them. Just go by your gut to focus on what is important and what matters. All the negativity belongs in the bin. 
  1. Look forward. Goals are important. Short term goals such as sleeping early tonight or long term goals like buying a house. Let these goals challenge you to the extent possible and remind you to keep moving forward no matter what. So what if you don’t measure up to your contemporaries, be assured that you are constantly working to be a better version of yourself.
  1. Overthinking kills. Living by what others think about you is slow death. Keep yourself so busy that there is no time left to be miserable. A day job, a movie night, a hike, a cookbook, a grasping read, a guilty pleasure.
  1. Social media has come a long way since its inception. From a happy space to meet n greet, express regard and share opinions, today it has evolved into a forum to insult, criticize, complain, loathe and exchange personal attacks. A medium to spew negativity. Do not let social media antics rule or sway you. Use it to your advantage, as a medium to communicate your thoughts. Ruing over how people judged and reacted is self damaging.

The list can go on but the thumb rule to being happy is to acknowledge that it’s okay to be unhappy. It is practically impossible to do only those things we like, all the time. Likewise, we may not be able to give the best shot at everything we do. And that’s OKAY. Give your best shot at some things you like doing and leave it at that. Be true to yourself, accept the way your are, address your shortcomings and vow to be a better version of yourself. That’s my Happiness Pill 🙂 

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