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Looking Back

I started blogging last year. Finally I could scribble my thoughts. I remember how confident I felt. I don’t remember being engrossed in my phone clicking countless selfies and posing puffy pouts.

I travelled to Europe with my husband for the first time. I remember how happy and anxious I was. I don’t remember any check-ins, likes, comments or status updates.

I joined a new company. I remember how curious I was. I remember making good friends  there. I don’t remember how monotonous my job was.

I sent a birthday cake to an old friend. I remember how pleasantly surprised he was. I don’t remember the pubs, parties and night clubs I longed to go, just so that people think I’m cool.

I spent a week in Amsterdam with cousins. I remember having fun with them. I don’t remember the freakishly cold weather there and the unbearable head ache it caused.

We took mom and dad for a vacation in Dubai. I remember the excitement they had to explore a new place.I don’t remember how much money was spent on an International vacation.

I remember the content I felt after finishing a book. I don’t remember how many times I uninstalled WhatsApp, deactivated Facebook.

I have been let down multiple times. The feeling that I wasn’t good enough haunted me forever. I craved desperately for social acceptance. I longed for attention. I thought I don’t fit in here. After a year, I have realized something. They are just hazy memories in my mind. What I remember, picture perfect, is what I felt when I was with my loved ones. My people. When I was myself, not trying to convince anybody anything.

Life is too short to complain, criticize, whine and wish away. Learn to accept yourself. Be nice to your family. Live for yourself and be useful to others. Make memories you will remember for a lifetime.


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