It is not what you think it is!

So I recently learnt that, Avacado toast is the coolest thing in vogue now. My decision to purchase Avacados has instantly shot up my grocery bills, but what the heck, I will still have an ‘gram worthy post. The Toast is ready, clicking the picture, applying all possible filters, sharing it on stories as well (making sure no one misses my post). My post appears very chic and fleek (no idea what it means but sounds cool), at the same time inspiring many to go green and lead a healthy life. After spending an hour counting likes, replying to comments and inspiring many, I feel like a #healthcoach instantly. This post made my day.

Reality Check: Guys, Avacado toast tastes gross. I have gracefully moved on to amma’s puttu and kadla curry (steam rice cake, the high glycemic index one).


With all the apps, filters and selfies, someone else’s life might look like an avocado toast. But it is not what you think it is. Even if it is, it comes with a huge price to pay, in this context INR 250/kg for bitter Avacados.


I have spent over a decade thinking about the way I look and talk, constantly being worried about being judged and being talked about. Comparing myself with folks who travel the world and look like dolls. I used to be the one to admire Avacado posts and feel terrible about myself. I might sound like a fossil when I say this, but with 2 grey hairs I have become wiser to realize what goes “behind the scenes” of an Avacado post. Please understand that it is not what you think it is.


When you are in your 20s something, mostly feeling miserable, messing up with relationships and feeling stuck in a rut with career, no amount of self-help books will actually help. I hope my Avocado toast does. I hope you embrace your failures, mistakes and screw-ups. I hope you realize those freckles, blemishes and curves is what makes you unique. I hope you realize that, any given day, filter kaapi is better than filtered posts. Cheers!

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