A thing or two about goal setting!

I’d like to focus on the over importance of goal setting. Lately, it occurred to me that we often go overboard when it comes to setting short term goals. We are swamped with unending check lists and lost in the clutter of fast paced modern life. We become broody over unmet goals, rue over the missed opportunities and consequentially we completely neglect to envisage long term future.
Trends suggest that current life expectancy is between 70-80 years depending on the place where you are born. It will only improve over the years with improved facilities and health conditions. These hard facts beckon us to consider our long term priorities more seriously. Typically a logical Indian tries to complete all his studies by 25, get a job, get married, have kids and “settle down” by 35, work till 60 and “retire” to the mundane stuff for the rest of his life. Depending on what phase of life one is in, conventional long term goals are confined to “settling down” or “retiring”. Given the increasing life expectancy rates, it is likely that we will be lulled into inaction for a very long time! 
While its important to have short term goals to keep the boat sailing, it is extremely critical to find something that you can keep doing for eons. Something that truly makes you happy, something that resonates with you and something that is internally rewarding.
Some call it passion others call it their true calling. For some it is becoming super rich, for others it is flying a rocket. You may not discover your niche overnight. This happens only after trying and failing at a multitude of things. The good news is that in an era where plenty of resources are available on the go, we can achieve whatever we want, age no bar.  However crazy your dream may be the golden rule is to pursue it incessantly until you become invincible.

Bill Gates once said “We always overestimate the change that will occur in the next two years and underestimate the change that will occur in the next ten.” In a fast paced life priorities keep changing and so does goals. So instead of going too hard on the goals lets promise to better ourselves every day, stay committed to what we are passionate about and constantly hone our skills to excel in it. Remember the rule of 10,000 hrs? You will be surprised by the magnitude of your achievements in the next 10 years if you start investing today. 

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