3 Mistakes of my life. Part 1.

If I ever had a chance to tell my younger self what mistakes I should have probably avoided in my twenties, these would strike off the top 3. Upon reflection, choices made and hence life would have been different.

First and foremost,

Self-Doubt- By virtue of being a #thaniMallu (true Malayalee) I have observed this trait in my clan. “Good is never good enough”, “things could have been much better”, “I will never make it big”. A widely accepted quirk among the community, self-confidence is often mistaken for narcissism! Giving credit to one’s own achievements is often correlated with complacency, which is a cardinal sin!

Folks, it’s extremely important to be self-appreciative and all the more to be vocal about it. If you talk good about yourself outside, you feel good about yourself inside. If you are waiting for people to harp about your accomplishments to validate your worth, let me save you the trouble, ain’t happening. (Adinu Kaaka malarnu parakanam!) If you win an Oscar, well comments would go like, “Meh, may be the jury was compromised”!

Self-doubt will reflect in your perspective, your choices, your decisions and will stop you from dreaming big. Fear will drive you away, from trying everything you always wanted to. There are people who constantly doubt you, judge you and try to pull you down anyway, why do you want to do it to yourself? Stop doubting your looks, ability, talent, skills, everything. For what it’s worth, today we live in a world that goes crazy at the wink of an eye. A little hard work, lots of luck and the right attitude is all it takes. Have faith in yourself.

Part 2 To be Continued…

What comes first to your minds when you think of a Malayalee?

This is a first in “Ingane oru Malayalee Series”, humble attempt to caricature a Malayalee.

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